Muhammad Bilal (Shadow)

Founder – Shadow Protective Services, LLC

Mr. Bilal is the founder of Shadow Protective Services, LLC with over 30 years of experience in military, executive & diplomatic protection services; providing tactical training, private investigations, and security consultant services.

Shadow’s professional experience as a Senior NCO with Infantry & Special Operation Forces units has made him a subject matter expert in the field of small unit tactics, unit cohesion, and leadership. Before retirement from active duty with the US Army he was inducted into the SETAF (Airborne) Hall of Honor for Leadership, recipient of the National Infantry Associations’, Order of Saint Maurice “Centurion Award” for outstanding long-lasting contributions to the infantry community, the Leadership Award recipient for his advance ANCOC and inducted into both the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and the Sergeant Morales Club (reserved for the top 2% of all Army NCO’s).

Shadow was the Primary Instructor at the Instructor Training Center (ITC) for the US Army’s largest NCO academy. Graduated Airborne school, Jumpmaster Course, the Special Forces Assessment & Selection (SFAS) Course, the Special Forces Qualification (SFQC) Course – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18B), and the Defense Language Institutes (French) language training school. Upon retirement, he served as a Special Forces Instructor (Observer/Controller) during the phase II portion of the SFQC, teaching tactical leadership and weapons to the next generation of “green berets”.

Shadow has completed numerous Executive Protection (EP) training courses and served as a Personal Security Specialist for a PMC in Iraq for seven years. Operated in the Middle East High-Threat Protection (HTP) environment during combat operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM & Operation NEW DAWN. He has driven every vehicle in the EP motorcade (including the principle’s limousine for a tier-1 asset) and has performed every position on an EP detail as well as the Quick Reaction Force Team Leader. He culminated his HTP service as a member of the US Ambassador to Iraq’s Protective Detail (APD) responsible for protecting the Chief of Missions for all US personnel in-country, general officers, visiting congressional delegations, foreign dignitaries & foreign heads of state.

Shadow founded Shadow Protective Services, LLC with the intent of merging the tactical proficiency of the high threat protection assignments he has performed in the past with the military precision of the operations he has conducted for over 25 years. He is originally from the South Bronx of New York City, is a world traveler, and has visited 35 other foreign countries. He is a retired combat veteran, licensed private investigator, armed security specialist and NRA instructor Certified Refuse to be a Victim and member of ASIS and the North American Bodyguard Association. Shadow is currently starring as himself on the primetime television network season premiere of “Hunted” airing weekly on CBS (8pm EST) with other cast members from the FBI, CIA, NSA, and members of other governmental agencies. He currently resides in North Carolina.