Shadow Protective Services Task Force

Jerry Towns

President/CEO - Shadow Protective Services, LLC

Shadow Protective Services Task Force

With over twenty years’ experience in military, diplomatic protection and executive security services, Mr. Towns is the president of Shadow Protective Services, LLC providing; executive protection, private investigations, and security Consulting.

Mr. Towns attended High School on the north side of Chicago, The City of Chicago is not only ethnically diverse but there is also a huge dispersion of gang activity. With family members residing on all sides of Chicago Mr. Towns became an expert in conflict resolution. Fortunately, this allowed him to develop advanced social skills that have proven to be very valuable in his current position of threat mitigation. Mr. Towns has been recognized as the first to defend the bullied, the weak, and stand up against injustices.

Mr. Towns enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after high school and became a parachutist at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) at Twenty-Nine Palms he was eventually assigned overseas to Okinawa, Japan. He advanced to the rank of Sergeant and completed his tour of active duty with the ANGLICO Special Operations unit based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

After the Marine Corps, Mr. Towns relocated to North Carolina and began working as a licensed bail enforcement agent. After taking a security assignment for a small-town entertainer he advanced his professional training and completed an executive protection course on Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After that training he began to work executive protection for several well-known celebrities and entertainers.

Following the September 11th attacks Mr. Towns went to work for the DoD as a Private Military Contractor. He was responsible for the safe transport of all corporate executives & VIP personnel throughout the Iraq theater of operations. He was often assigned the highly critical assignment of transporting millions of dollars, in cash, to various Forward Operating Bases throughout the combat theater of Iraq. He would later transition to a United States Department of State Worldwide Protection contract in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Operation NEW DAWN, with the Diplomatic Security Services High Threat Protection Office. While working for another PMC on the WPS program he served in every position on the detail from driving every vehicle in the motorcade to leadership roles of Shift Leader and Tactical Commander. He has been a vital member of four United States Ambassadors to Iraq’s protective detail (APD) responsible for protecting the Chief of missions for all United States personnel in country, congressional delegations, general officers, foreign dignitaries & foreign heads of state.

Mr. Towns was recently selected to participate in an experimental mentorship operation in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq. This program was designed to provide the local Iraqi nationals with the training to provide an effective protection security detail for US Diplomats. He was also selected to participate in a separate mission, in which he was the Shift leader of six Kurdish protective details. He assisted in their training to become effective PSD teams to provide protection for American dignitaries.

Mr. Towns is the current President / CEO of Shadow Protective Services, LLC and was instrumental in the development of several of the tactics, techniques & procedures of the company. He has participated in executive protection assignments throughout the continental United States. He is a licensed private investigator, armed executive protection specialist, security consultant and armed courier. Mr. Towns is a member of the High Threat Protection Community, the North American Bodyguard forum and is avid outdoorsmen. Mr. Towns currently resides in the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, NC area.

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