NC Chapter 74C

Client Beware!

While in the State of NC, Shadow Protective Services – SPS500; when providing Executive Protection Services only employs licensed & registered Private Investigators with EXTENSIVE experience in the Executive Protection (EP) community (most of them with experience in the high threat security environment of the Middle East). In conjunction with the high threat experience, many of our EP Specialists have also completed courses in Corporate Executive Protection to refine their heightened security awareness. All of our EP Specialists have several YEARS of training in the Executive Protection arena. Other private investigators & security companies may only have one short (less than 40 hours) Executive Protection course of training, or no training at all but will advertise their services for Executive Protection when their true expertise is in Private Investigations and NOT Executive Protection. At Shadow Protective Services – SPS500 we do not employ “Bodyguards”. Our extensively trained employees are Executive Protection Specialists because you, the client, deserve it.

For your safety, please check the background and experience of any Private Investigator advertising his or her services as an Executive Protection Specialist.

IAW the NC Legislation Statues Chapter 74C (Private Protective Services), Article 1 (Private Protective Services Board), Subchapter 3 (Private protective services defined), subchapter (a) (8) Private Detective or Private Investigator: Any person who engages in the profession of or accepts employment to furnish, agrees to make, or makes inquiries or investigations concerning any of the following on a contractual basis: subchapter (f) protection of individuals from serious bodily harm or death.

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